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22 Aug

Serruria florida, the Blushing Bride

Serruria florida, Blushing Bride

Serruria florida / Blushing Bride, Image by Martin Heigan

The beautiful plant in this picture is Serruria florida or Blushing Bride – as it is commonly known in horticulture. Serruria florida represents a genus of approximately 50 species of evergreen shrubs. Almost all plants from the genus of Serruria produce exquisite and long lasting flowers. Serruria florida itself is grown for long lasting cut flowers that are usually used in bridal bouquets. Flowers of Serruria florida have delicate shades of yellow, white, mauve and pink. The flowers are usually covered in colorful bracts.

Serruria florida grows as an evergreen shrub. The plant grows up to 1.5 meter and produces lovely and slightly fragrant flowers in winter and spring. The plant requires bright, sunny exposure and a rich soil. Water requirements are average.