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09 May

Ornamental Plant for Mediterranean Climate: Molucella laevis

Molucella is a small genus of ornamental annuals from the Mediterranean climate of Asia Minor and in parts of Turkey and Syria. Among four known species, Molucella laevis is the most common and popular among gardeners. It is an evergreen plant that grows up to 1 meter and produces long spikes of tiny white flowers. These inconspicuous flowers are surrounded by cup-shaped calyces that give these flowers the appearance of bells or sea shells that is why the plant is commonly described as ‘Bells of Ireland’ or ‘Shell Flower’.

Moluccella laevis

Molucella laevis is quite easy to grow in moderate climates where it grows in a well-drained soil and does not require much water or fertilizer. As a general rule, grow it in a lightly sandy soil and provide good exposure to sun. In its natively climate, it can bloom almost all through the year. The plant can be grown as border plants or to form a landscape background because of its long spikes of flowers. These spikes along with flowers are usually used in fresh and dry floral arrangements.