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15 Dec

Ornamental Grass for Lovely Landscapes: Miscanthus sinensis

I have a special liking for grasses when it comes to selecting accent plants for landscapes and gardens. Though usually under-valued, grasses, like Pampas or Miscanthus, can add a soft and striking look to any garden or landscape design. They are easy to maintain, do not require special attention and look good in any season – just like Miscanthus sinensis.

Usually described as Chinese Silver Grass or sometimes as Zebra Grass, Miscanthus sinensis is quite a robust grass that produces large clumps of blue-green leaves. Like other species of this genus, this ornamental grass grows as tall as 3 meters and produces long, feathery flowers heads of silvery-white color in summer.

Miscanthus Sinensis Grass

Miscanthus sinensis, Image via Wikipedia

How to Grow Miscanthus sinensis

Miscanthus sinensis is a sun loving grass and grows as evergreen perennial in Pakistan, India, Japan, Korea and parts of Eastern Asia. It is resistant to both windy and frosty conditions and withstands long droughts.

This graceful grass can be used in gardens and landscapes to fill in tough spots and empty spaces where no other plant can survive. It is also good as ornamental plant along borders or for adding variety to ornamental landscapes. It is also used in dried flower arrangements. It is also considered a good source of fiber in paper industry. Another popular variety, Miscanthus giganteus is an excellent source of ethanol and bio fuel.

Miscanthus sinensis is also described as Susuki Grass in Japan.