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20 Dec

Sow and Crop with SproutRobot

If you are on facebook and have the slightest flavor for gardening, chances are great that you are/have been addicted to FarmVille. I remember spending endless moments of sowing and cropping during my days of gross addiction – always thinking about withering crops and actually setting up alarms and reminders 🙂

Fortunately, for real gardeners, there is actually a service called SproutRobot that takes care of your sowing and cropping schedules and sends you reminders and seeds – excellent idea.

SproutRobot is simple and really useful. The idea behind the services is to “tell you when to plant fruits and veggies in your garden and send you seeds”.



You can sign up for a free basic account and start growing your favorite plants without hassle. You just have to provide your zip code. SproutRobot services suggests you suitable plants and gives complete schedule for sowing seeds in your garden as per your personal preferences.

The free SproutRobot account comes with a complete gardening calendar for the year and regular alerts, tips and reminders via email. You can also select and buy seeds online. Paid subscriptions of $ 19.99/year, $ 39.99/year and $ 59.99/year give you option to grow 3, 8 or 10 different varieties respectively. The seeds provided by SproutRobot are certified organic and come from Seeds of Change.

SproutRobot promises ‘hand-checked’ gardening calendars, heirloom organic seeds, free instructions and reminder via email, and 100% money back guarantee.

Start with a free account and let us know your experience with SproutRobot.