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22 Jan

Small, Lovely and Hardy Flowering Plant: Hypoxis

Hypoxis or Star Flower is a genus of more than 90 species that grow in most climates and conditions – from summer rainfall areas to marshy forests and from sunny grasslands to rocky landscapes. Hypoxis are identified by their typical star-shaped flowers and usually hairy leaves. Flowers are usually yellow or white that bloom in late spring till early summer.

Hypoxis are tough plants that survive drought and frost. They can be grown easily in landscapes or as small ornamental plants in containers. Most species of Hypoxis are low growing, thus, they can be used a ground covers as well.

Hypoxis, The Yellow Star Flower

Hypoxis, The Yellow Star Flower, Image by Scott Zona

Hypoxis are grown from seeds or by dividing rhizomes. They thrive in a sunny location where they receive moderate water in a well-drained soil.

Common species include: Hypoxis Rooperi, H. Argentea, H. Costata, and H. Angustifolia.

20 Mar

Stapelia Gigantea

Stapelias are perennial succulents. It usually makes a bunch of erect, succulent stems of green to reddish, depending on exposure to the sun. The plant in this picture is Steplia Gigantea grown outdoor.

Stapelia Gigantea

Stapelia Gigantea, Image © The Lovely Plants

Stapelias are usually known for star-shaped flowers. Flowers of certain species like Stapelia Gigantea can grow as big as 41 cm when in full bloom. These hairy and foul-smelling flowers attract insects especially flies that act as pollinators.

Stapelia Gigantea Flower

Stapelia Gigantea Flower, Photo © The Lovely Plants

There are more than 70 species of Stapelia each having different coloration and flowers. Stapelia are good container plants and can grow well under full sun and light to moderate watering. Plant them in well-drained compost becuase as the stems are prone to rotting if kept moist for long.

Origin: South Africa