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29 Sep

Tropically Yours: Hawaiin Sunset Vine

Native to Africa and widely cultivated in Pacific and other tropical regions, Stictocardia Beraviensis or Hawaiin Sunset Vine has many lovely things to offer to gardeners: colorful and scented flowers, large ornamental leaves, quick growth, and ability to grow at many different locations in the garden.

Hawaiin Sunset Vine or Stictocardia Beraviensis is a fast growing tropical vine usually grown as evergreen climber in gardens. The plant closely resembles Morning Glory in habit. It bears heart-shaped leaves that usually grow wide (up to 12 inches) and fleshy, and feel velvety to touch. The trumpet-shaped flowers are quite showy and appear almost year round. These scented flowers have all the shades of the setting sun: orange, pink, yellow, red and crimson. Thus they justify the name ‘Sunset Vine’.

Hawaiin Sunset Vine

Hawaiin Sunset Vine

How to Grow Hawaiin Sunset Vine

Stictocardia Beraviensis or Hawaiin Sunset Vine is quite easy to grow. It can grow under full sun as well as shade. For prolific flowering, grow Sunset Vine under full sun. Provide ample water and a rich but well drained soil. It can be grown as container plant but the best results are achieved when it is grown in ground where it gets sufficient room to flourish.

Stictocardia Beraviensis grows easily from stem cuttings as well as from seeds. When in bloom, this lovely plant attracts a lot of birds and butterflies.