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22 Aug

Tropical Shrubs and Trees for Lovely Flowers: Tibouchina

Tibouchina (Buy Online), commonly known as Princess Flower or Glory Flower, is a genus of beautiful bloomers from tropical regions of Mexico and the Americas, especially Brazil. When in bloom, Tibouchina plants are perfect head turners with bunches of vivid pink and purple flowers.

Tibouchina lepidota 'Alstonville'

Tibouchina lepidota ‘Alstonville’, Image by Tatiana Gerus

How to Grow Tibouchina

The genus includes evergreen shrubs and small trees that love warm and humid climate. Most species of Tibouchina are sensitive to frost and require protection from freezing temperatures. Propagated from cuttings, these tropical plants should be grown in a loamy, slightly acidic and well-drained soil under full to partial sun. In tropical climate, Tibouchinas should be watered freely in summer and kept just moist in winter.

Tibouchina mutabilis

Tibouchina mutabilis, Image by Mauricio Mercadante

Popular species include:

T. elegans: Evergreen, tropical shrub with pink or purple flowers borne in summer; the plant grows up to 2 meters and requires regular pruning.

T. urvilleana (Brazilian Glory Bush): Grows as shrub, this lovely bloomer tends to grow into a small tree; the plant bears soft, hairy leaves, and vibrant purple flowers.

T. granulosa: Commonly described as Purple Glory Tree, the plant is grown as a small tropical tree (10 to 15 feet) in tropical gardens. The plant can be trimmed to different sizes and shapes, and bears plenty of flowers in spring.

Tibouchina ‘Jules’: Grown as dwarf tropical shrub (up to 1 meter), the plant bears soft, velvety leaves, and purple flowers that appear in spring/early summer.