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30 Oct

Lovely Annuals for Flower Beds: Linaria

Linaria is a genus of about 100 herbaceous annuals from temperate regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and parts of Mediterranean region. Excellent choice for bedding, these quick growing plants would bloom in almost every color. Most of the species from this genus start blooming in late spring and continue to flower through summer until early fall. Linaria are sun loving plants that grow freely in flower beds and do well in mixed borders. Most commercially available varieties of Linaria are low growing annuals that are usually used in larger landscapes to produce massive display of colorful flowers.

Linaria Vulgaris

Linaria Vulgaris, Image by J. Bakker (flickr)

How to Grow Linaria

Linaria do not require special care when grown under bright sunlight and provided with regular water. They would survive a little frost and drought. Linaria are self-seeding plants and can be propagated from cuttings or root-ball divisions as well. Deadhead young plants to keep them in shape and under control. Seeds can be sown in early spring.

Also known as Toadflax or Baby Snapdragon, Linaria attract garden birds, bees and butterflies.

Some of the popular species of Linaria are:

Linaria Marcoccana – Usually available as dwarf flowering plant, this pretty annual produces dense flowering in yellow, red, orange and mauve colors.

Linaria Vulgaris – Grown as erect border or bedding plant, this perennial produces blue-green foliage and pale yellow flowers in mid-summer. Flowering lasts till mid-autumn.

Linaria Purpurea – Grown as garden perennial, this species produces small yet very attractive flowers of purple color is delicate raceme.