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24 Mar

Top Gardening Blogs on my Reading List

I read and follow a number of gardening blogs because I enjoy learning from first hand experiences of other enthusiasts. Following is a list of top gardening blogs that I read on regular basis.

Balcony Gardener

All about challenges, opportunities, lessons learnt, and success stories of growing plants in a small balcony. Blog URL: http://balconygardener.ca/

Fine Gardening Blog

Everything a novice or an expert gardener wants to know – tips & tricks, landscaping ideas, plant profiles, articles and a lot more. Blog URL: http://www.finegardening.com/blogs

My Tiny Plot

“My Tiny Plot is dedicated to creating a beautiful garden, growing great vegetables, healthy fruit and the most beautiful cutting flowers.” Blog URL: http://mytinyplot.com/

Three Dogs in a Garden

A very well written blog on everything gardening. Loads of spectacular photos. Blog URL: http://threedogsinagarden.blogspot.ca/

Bloomingwriter: Gardening in Nova Scotia

Jodi DeLong shares his experiences of growing his favorite plants in Nova Scotia on this regularly updated gardening blog. Blog URL: http://bloomingwriter.blogspot.ca/

Garden Care Simplified

Wonderful experiences of gardening in a terrace by Rizwana Mundewadi. Blog URL: http://gardening-simplified.blogspot.ca/

Metro Greens

“Metro Greens aims at inspiring the gardener within people, to encourage them to take up gardening – enjoying the sheer joy and pleasure of sowing a seed, watching it germinate and grow over the time, and ultimately witness the charm of flowering/fruiting.” Blog URL: http://www.metro-greens.in/

The Year Round Veggie Gardener

A blog about Niki Jabbour’s adventures as a professional garden writer, radio show host and obsessive veggie gardener. Blog URL: http://yearroundveggiegardener.blogspot.ca/

66 Square Feet

“66 Square Feet (Plus) is a blog about gardening, cooking, and picnics; about the seasons, without and within; about the city where we live, and the places we go. There are plenty of pauses for foraging, and for cocktail-shaking. And for some good cups of stovetop espresso, too.” Blog URL: http://66squarefeet.blogspot.ca/

Other notable gardening blogs:

Paul Jung’s Gardening Blog – http://blog.pauljunggardening.com/

Down on the Allotment – http://veggies-only.blogspot.com/

Shirl’s Garden Watch – http://blog.shirlsgardenwatch.co.uk/

The Guardian, Gardening Blog – http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/gardening-blog

Farhan’s Gardening Blog – http://farhansgarden.blog.com/

Green Roofs – http://www.greenroofs.com/blog/

Beyond the Wild Garden – https://beyondthewildgarden.wordpress.com/


11 Jan

10 Gardening Blogs to Follow

Are you looking for inspiring landscape designs, gardening ideas, tips for greener lawn, finding suitable houseplants, or just seeking gardening advice from experts, follow these gardening blogs to find all you are looking for.

Top Gardening Blogs

1. Far Out Flora – http://faroutflora.com/

Gardening blog by Matti and Megan from San Francisco offer a lot of interesting information and articles on succulents, bromeliads, carnivores and other unusual plants.

far out flora gardening blogs

2. Central Texas Gardener Blog – http://www.klru.org/ctg/blog/

Central Texas Gardener showcases exquisite Central Texas gardens and teaches how to have your own beautiful garden.

central texas gardener blog

3. Eden Makers – http://edenmakersblog.com/

Interesting blog on landscape design and container gardening by Shirley Bovshow

eden makers blog

4. Allen Becker Garden Guru – http://allanbecker-gardenguru.squarespace.com/

Allen Becker is a garden designer in Montreal, Canada and a garden book reviewer. His blog is a nice mix of garden chat, favorite plants, design ideas and tips on books for gardeners

allan becker gardening blogger

5. Walter Pall Bonsai Adventures – http://walter-pall-bonsai.blogspot.com/

Walter Pall’s main blog about bonsai and his work with trees from day to day. Lots of good pictures of good trees and lots of valuable information about bonsai.

walter pall bonsai blog

6. Cold Climate Gardening – http://www.coldclimategardening.com/

Just awesome gardening blog by Kathy Purdy

cold climate gardening blog

7. May Dreams Gardens – http://www.maydreamsgardens.com/

A lot of interesting stuff

may dream gardens

8. Soul of the Garden – http://soulofthegarden.com/

Interesting photographs, articles and gardening ideas by Tom Spencer

garden blog

9. Victoria’s Backyard – http://victoriasbackyard.blogspot.com/

Winner of Garden Media Guild Award 2010 and Botanical Awards 2009, Victoria is a journalist and gardening enthusiast.

backyard garden blog

10. Simply Susan – http://simplysusansplace.blogspot.com/

Susan lives in Florida and shares a lot of interesting information on her blog

susan's garden blog

Other Notable Gardening Blogs

My Nice Garden – http://www.mynicegarden.com/

The Strolling Garden by Lynn – http://thestrollinggarden.blogspot.com/

Whole Life Gardening – http://wholelifegardening.com/blog/

My Garden Path – http://nanak-mygardenpath.blogspot.com/


Digging – http://www.penick.net/digging/

NotCot – http://www.notcot.com/tag/plants

Creative gardening and décor ideas

Conscious Gardening – http://consciousgardening.blogspot.com/

Toronto Gardens – http://torontogardens.blogspot.com/

Rock Rose – http://wwwrockrose.blogspot.com/

Ramblings from a Desert Garden – http://www.azplantlady.com/

Gardening at Draco – http://dracogardens.blogspot.com/


Crops in Pots – http://cropsinpots.blogspot.com/

Garden Geek – http://www.lahoregardening.com/

Garden Tropics – http://lotusleaf-gardentropics.blogspot.com/

Container Gardening Magazine – http://blog.containergardeningmagazine.com/

Anima Bonsai by Marjia and Andrija – http://www.animabonsai.com/

Garden Voices – http://voices.gardenweb.com/garden_voices/