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03 May

Wonderful Topiary Designs by Steve Manning

Steve Manning is a renowned topiary artist. He is known for his creative designs and wonderful skill of incarnating creatures in topiaries. His topiary designs include both living and artificial topiaries and are seen at exhibitions, garden shows, civic amenities, theme parks and landscapes. Some of his topiary creatures have won international recognition and fame.

Following are a few examples of his topiary designs. All pictures are taken from his website http://www.topiaryartdesigns.com.

Allegator topiary

animal topiary

Dogs topiary

Hipo topiary

Hunter topiary
Jiraffe topiary

Steve Manning topiary

Topiary design

12 Nov

25 Examples of Amazing Topiary Art

Topiary is the art of clipping and pruning twigs and foliage and craft different shapes such as geometrical shapes, fanciful hedges and corporate logos. Topiary has been in practice since the days of the Romans who introduced well crafted design elements in their gardens. Topiary is still popular around the world and there are a number of famous gardens dedicated to the art of topiary. Topiaries can also be used in small lawn to create interesting hedges, dividers or shapes.

Plants  used for designing topiary are usually evergreen and woody shrubs or small trees that produce dense foliage. Some of the suitable plants for topiary include: English Ivy, Ficus Pumila, Rosemary, Thyme, Boxwood, Cypress, and almost all yews and hollies.

Examples of Topiary Art

The following is a collection of some amazing topiary art produced around the world. All images are subject to copyrights of their respective owners.

animals topiary

Elephant Family Topiary

topiary towers


topiary wall

Topiary Wall

Topiary F1 Racer

Formula 1 Racer

animal topiary

The Peacock

topiary ivy heart

Topiary Heart

topiary sculpture

Topiary Sculpture

topiary gardener

The Gardener

topiary logo

YES Logo

topiary lion

Topiary Lion

topiary happy man

Happy Man

topiary hand

Topiary Hand

topiary balls


topiary palace

The Palace

topiary gardener

The Gardener

topiary garden

Topiary Garden

topiary disney

Disney World

topiary character

The Face

topiary car

Lee Car

topiary bus

Flowers on Wheels

topiary bull

The Bull

topiary places


topiary animal

Elephant Family Topiary

topiary clouds


topiary hedge