07 Nov

Brilliantly Colorful Flowering Plants: Tritonia

Tritonia is a genus of brilliantly colorful flowering plants from winter rainfall regions of South Africa but grown almost in every part of the world. These low growing plants grow and spread quite quickly and easily. A number of spring and summer flowering species of Tritonia are also available. Tritonia makes good display plants in landscapes, rockeries as well as in container gardens.

Tritonia Crocata, Flame Freesia

Tritonia Crocata, Image by Eric Hunt

Easily propagates from offsets, these bulbous plants are not much fussy about soil and water. They just grow in ordinary soil under bright sunlight and moderate watering. One of the popular species is Tritonia Crocata or Blazing Start or Flame Freesia which is grown as small flowering plants in landscapes. It grows best in a sandy soil with plenty of water during the growing season. Other popular species include: Tritonia Bakeri, T. Gladiolaris, and Tritonia Karooica. A number of hybrids are also available that produce flowers of red, orange, yellow, mauve, pink, cream and white colors.

Most of these species are drought tolerant and produce nice cut flowers.