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07 Dec

Lovely and Easy to Grow Indoor Tree: Brassaia Actinophylla

Brassaia is a popular houseplant grown for its ornamental foliage and unusual flowers. Native to tropical and subtropical regions of Australia, Asia and the Pacific, Brassaia is widely grown as small ornamental tree.

Among all known species, Brassia Actinophylla is the most popular and commercially available plant. It is also known as Umbrella Plant because of its leaves that grow in a set of leaves that actually looks like an umbrella. Brassia Actinophylla is easily propagated from cuttings rooted in summer; it requires a deep, rich and well-drained soil under sunny or semi-shaded spots. Its leaves are glossy-green and flowers are red that grown on a long stalk. The stalk appears from the crown of a mature plant. The unusual flowers are often seen in wild, however plants grown in containers rarely bloom.

Brassaia Actinophylla, The Umbrella Plant

Brassaia Actinophylla, The Umbrella Plant, Image by Ahmad Fuad Morad

Brassia Actinophylla is a perfect candidate for bonsai and an easy to maintain indoor container plant as well. Prune and pinch regularly when grown indoors to keep the plant in good shape.