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29 Nov

Lovely Flowering Plants for Shaded Garden Spots: Veltheimia

One of the most challenging places to cultivate in a garden is under shady trees. These places are a bit tough for plants to survive because they often have to struggle for light and food, and live with the ‘habits’ of the tree. That is why keeping these difficult spots clean and cultivated all through the year is not an easy tasks. However there are plants, like Veltheimia, that can live under shady trees and give a great show of interesting foliage and lovely flowers.

Veltheimia, Flowering Plant for Shady Garden Spots

Veltheimia bracteata

Veltheimia is a genus of bulbous plants from South Africa that perform very well under shady trees. These shade-loving plants can be planted to cover the ground under large trees or grown as pot plants. Leaves of Veltheimia have wavy edges. Flowers grow on erect stalks up to10 cm. Typically, these plants would divide faster to make large clumps and cover the ground. When in bloom, these clumps send out abundance of stalks topped by drooping flowers. These flowers last long and have all shades of yellow and pink.

Veltheimia prefer well-drained soil. For best results grow them in enriched soil or feed with a general purpose fertilizer. When grown as ornamental pot plants, these plants can be placed in balconies, windows, and patios.

Popular species include: V. bracteata and V. capensis.