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30 Nov

Aromatic Tropical Tree: Vitex Trifolia ‘Arabian Lilac’

Vitex Trifolia, often described as Arabian Lilac, is a beautiful and strongly aromatic small tree from tropical regions of Australia and Asia especially Pakistan and India. The plant forms attractive accent plant for gardens both as hedge or small ornamental tree where they can be easily propagated from cuttings or layers.

Vitex Trifolia, The Arabian Lilac

Vitex Trifolia, The Arabian Lilac, Image by Ahmad Fuad Morad

The plant does not have any special requirements and would grow almost in any soil when it receives moderate water and protected from long spells of freeze and frost. Besides its ability to provide attractive and aromatic foliage and flowers, Vitex Trifolia is also used in preparation of traditional medicine for arthritis, inflammations, dysentery, and ulcers.

Depending on growing conditions, Vitex Trifolia can grow quite quickly. Young plants have bushy growth however it eventually grows into a small tree up to 6 meters. Mature plants produce fragrant spikes of yellow, white, red, blue or purple flowers in later summer. If you are looking for a small tree for shade and breaking the wind, Vitex Trifolia would perform very well with bonus of fragrant foliage and flowers. It is also a good choice for embankments or as street plant where it would last longer without requiring much care.