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16 May

Burchellia bubaline: The Wild Pomegranate Tree

Burchellia bubaline is an ornamental shrub that usually grows into a small tree bearing glossy green leaves and very showy flowers of orange-red color. Though slow growing, this lovely plant starts blooming quite early and thus becomes a useful flowering plant for gardens. Burchellia bubaline has a neat twiggy growth up to 3 meters and resembles the pomegranate tree that is why it is commonly described as Wild Pomegranate.

Burchellia bubaline, The Wild Pomegranate Tree

Burchellia bubaline, Image by David Midgley

Belonging to the family of Ixora and Mussaenda, Burchellia bubaline grows natively along coastal line of South Africa, and prefers rich loamy soil. When growing in your garden, provide it a sunny spot in a rich and loamy but well-drained soil mix. Protect from frost and extreme cold.

Burchellia bubaline can be grown from seeds that germinate quickly or from cuttings that usually root in three to four weeks.