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10 Nov

Lovely Winter Blooming Shrub: Yellow Flax

Yellow Flax or Reinwardtia Indica is a small herbaceous plant from Pakistan, India and parts of China. Known for its rich yellow flowers, this beautiful flowering shrub is an excellent winter bloomer. The plant grows up to 1 meter and bears sprays of bright and lovely yellow flowers from autumn to spring. Though the life of flower is not more than a day, but it continues to bloom quite frequently.

Winter Blooming Yellow Flax

Yellow Flax, Image by Dinesh Valke

Flowers of Yellow Flax usually grow solitary on small stalks. Flowers have golden center and sometimes red nectar lines on petals. These lovely yellow flowers often remind me of Pablo Neruda who has described them beautifully thus –

“We are dust and to dust return.

In the end we’re

Neither air, nor fire, nor water,

Just dirt,

Neither more nor less, just dirt,

And maybe,

Some yellow flowers.”

Yellow Flax is a shade loving plant though it can be grown under bright sunlight too. It can grow under trees or in mixed garden beds. For best results, provide Yellow Flax plants with plenty of water and grow in a rich soil.