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31 Mar

Zamia Palm: Zamia furfuracea

Zamia furfuracea is a genus of cycad and belongs to the Zamiaceae family. It is considered one of the oldest surviving genus on our planet.

The name Zamia is derived from the Greek word azaniae meaning “a pine cone”. Zamia  furfuracea is a slow growing plant and makes an unusual foliage of thick and hard texture, that is why, it is also called Cardboard palm. Zamia furfuracea likes bright sunlight, moderate watering, and some fertilizer in Spring. The color of leaves ranges from olive green to dark green.

Zamia Palm

Zamia Palm, Image by Mike Gray

Zamia furfuracea can grow quite well in large containers. A mature plant can grow as large as 3-4′ in height and 6′ in diameter with a heavy trunk that acts as water reservoir during drought. It is quite a hardy plant and makes a good choice for landscapes because of its hardy,  drought tolerance nature.

Both male and female plants produce cones. The female cones contain red seeds. The seeds are reported to be poisonous and must be kept away from pets.

Zamia furfuracea is grown from seeds and is usually attacked by Mealy bug or scale.

Origin: Coastal plains of Mexico