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Tropical, Flowering Bush: Pavetta lanceolata

Pavetta is a genus of flowering shrubs and trees from tropical and subtropical climates with wide distribution across Asia and Africa. Plants in this genus are grown for their beautiful and prolific flowering habit.

Pavetta lanceolata, Image by Satish Nikam

Most plants in the genus of Pavetta are woody shrubs that usually take the form of bushes or small, evergreen trees. They are quite hardy plants and can survive various growing conditions; however, for prolific flowering and foliage, grow them is a regular soil mix and water generously in summer. There are a number of popular species for almost every garden. Pavetta lanceolata is, however, quite common in cultivation. It is grown as ornamental bush for its summer flowers when it produces dense clusters of star-shaped flowers. Flowering is followed by formation of black berries in autumn.

Common name of Pavetta lanceolata is Forest Bride’s bush.