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Tropical Flowering Shrubs for Poor Soil: Convolvulus Cneorum

Convolvulus is a genus of annual and perennial shrubs from tropical and Mediterranean regions. These easy to grow plants vary from climbers or trailing plants to shrubs and mound forming bushes. Plants and flowers also vary in size and spread. Flowers of Convolvulus plants are trumpet shaped and vary from white and pink to purple and mauve in color. These sun loving plants grow quite easily and survive very well in sandy, chalky and dry soil.

Convolvulus Cneorum, Flowering Shrub, Morning Glory

Convolvulus Cneorum, Image by Jessie Hirsch

Convolvulus Cneorum which is commonly known as Silver Bush grows as low growing plant and usually forms a think carpet of evergreen foliage. Because of its capacity to withstand drought and grow in poor soil, Convolvulus Cneorum is a good choice for rock gardens or as ground cover for sandy or poor soil. It is easy to maintain and should be pruned back after flowering.

How to grow Convolvulus Cneorum

Convolvulus Cneorum or Silver Bush grows well in sunny positions where it is protected from frost and long, dry spells of cold. These plants are easily propagated from seeds and require just sufficient water; do not over water.

Convolvulus Cneorum is generally related to the family of Morning Glory. Other popular species include: Convolvulus Mauritanicus, Convolvulus Tricolor and Convolvulus Arvensis.

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  1. Definitely not tropical, it rots in heavy prolonged warm humid rains! In fact the combination heat and humidity is not tolerated for long. This stunning plant in pink (the twisted buds are a stunning true shell pink) silver and white is primarily a dry summer plant, a Mediterranean grower preferring rain in winter, with excellent drainage. One of my all time favourites. I’ve tried it in the temperate UK the Med and the tropics. Short lived in the UK couple of seasons if your lucky as its not completely hardy, but rewarding given perfect drainage. Quite long lived in the Med needs light cutting back after the summer flowering season in the winter growing season as it gets a bit leggy, severe cutting back into hardwood risks killing it. Dies within a week in the tropics in the rainy season.

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