25 Oct

Tropical Vine with Fragrant Flowers: Cup of Gold (Solandra maxima)

Solandra maxima (Buy online), which is popularly known as Cup of Gold, is a vigorous and fast growing vine from tropical regions of Mexico, Central America, and South America. It is an evergreen and sprawling vine that prefers a well-drained soil and exposure to bright sunlight. Cup of Gold is usually grown against pergolas, trellis or walls because its thick and twinning stems require a sturdy support. As a fats growing vine, Cup of Gold can grow up to 40 meters or more, therefore, it should be regularly pruned to keep it in shape and under control.

Solandra maxima, Cup of Gold

Solandra maxima, Cup of Gold/ Image by Eric Hunt

Cup of Gold produces wide, leathery leaves of dark green color. The bell-shaped flowers of Cup of Gold hang on woody stems. These attractive and prominent flowers closely resemble the flowers of Duranta. These lovely flowers are yellow when they bloom but as the time passes they eventually tend to appear deep golden, thus giving the vine its common name – Cup of Gold. These lovely flowers emit a decent fragrance.

Cup of Gold vine is quite easy to propagate from layering. Young plants require regular water, however, as they grow they become quite hardy and withstand long periods of drought easily.

One thought on “Tropical Vine with Fragrant Flowers: Cup of Gold (Solandra maxima)

  1. Hello, I have some Cup of Gold Vines in my house, in the Interior of British Columbia. I have had them for about 7 years but they have not bloomed. I trim them back to about 10 feet tall, although they could grow taller. Obviously I keep them indoors year round but find they get aphids and other bugs in the winter(that’s why I trim them back-easier to spray) so they constantly need babysitting. How do I get them to bloom? I fertilize them too. Any particular fertilizer at specified intervals? Any suggestions would be great.
    Thank you, Gail Potter

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