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Unusual, Fragrant Flowers of Brugmansia: Angel’s Trumpet

Brugmansia are delightful plants to grow in a garden. Known for their fragrant and unusual flowers, most species of Brugmansia grow quite easily and quickly both as garden as well as container plants.

Brugmansia is closely related to Datura and comes from subtropical regions of the Americas. These plants (usually small trees or bushes) requite warm climate, bright sunlight and protection from winter frost. So if you are trying to grow Brugmansia in a colder climate, the best option is to grow them as indoor container plants. Most species of Brugmansia grow as evergreen perennials and bear large bell or trumpet-shaped flowers that are fragrant at night. Flowers are pendulous and quite large in size (14 to 50 cm long, and 10 to 25 cm across), that is why, the plant is also known as Angel’s Trumpet – bearing large, colorful, and fragrant ‘trumpets’ suitable just for heavenly angels. Flowers are usually white, pink, yellow or orange. The fragrance of Brugmansia flowers is reminiscent delicate lemony scent. A Brugmansia plant in full bloom is a real treat to watch and smell, however, all parts of the plant are poisonous. If you have pets, keep them away from your Brugmansia plants.

Brugmansia, Angel's Trumpet, Night Fragrant Flowers

Brugmansia, Angel's Trumpet - Image by Arria Belli

If you have not grown Brugmansia before, try Brugmansia x Candida which is a common cultivar and is easily available at nurseries as Datura Cornigera. It grows as a small tree (3 to 6 meters in height) and long pendant flowers of white or cream color. The flowers are strongly scented especially at night.

How to Grow Brugmansia

Brugmansia requires regular watering, warmer climate and mulched soil. They can be grown in full sun as well as under partial shade. If you are growing them indoors, make sure they get a good exposure to sunlight. Plants grown outdoors may tend to wilt or pale under harsh climate, move them to partial shade and they should be back to normal again. Brugmansia usually does not bloom unless it is mature; however, you do not need to wait for long for these plants to flowers because they are quite fast grower especially in warmer climates.

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