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Weekly Magazine: Garden Dispatch # 10

Welcome to the latest issue of Garden Dispatch. The Garden Dispatch is a weekly compilation of landscape and garden design resources. In this issue, explore:

How to Grow Figs in Your Home Garden

Besides its delicious and nutritious fruit,  I like the Fig tree for its unusual and attractive foliage. The large green leaves of the fig tree make it a nice accent plant for gardens.  The tree does not require much maintenance except annual pruning to keep it in shape and size. For tips on growing your own fig tree, follow this complete guide on growing figs by Debbie Wolfe.

Plant of the Week: Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus (Buy online) is a beautiful trailing succulent that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Commonly known as String of Pearls, this lovely  succulent grows fast and can be multiplied easily from cuttings. When provided with moderate watering and a sunny spot, Senecio rowleyanus flourishes very well in an ordinary cactus mix. See these useful tips on growing Senecio rowleyanus by Nell Foster.

Image via flickr by Clatiek

Halloween Inspired Garden Designs

It’s time of the year… and there are so many inspiring examples of Halloween inspired garden designs to follow.