16 Jun

Weekly Magazine: Garden Dispatch # 9

Welcome to the latest issue of Garden Dispatch.

The Garden Dispatch is a weekly compilation of landscape and garden design resources. In this issue, explore:

5 Tips: How to Make Most of Small Garden Spaces

Small Space Garden Design Tips

Growing all of your favorite plants in a small space is challenging but with a little planning and creativity, you can turn your small space garden into a dream garden. Brook Klausing shares his five tips for making most of small spaces.

  1. Pick the spot with the best view, where you’d want to sit, and build your garden retreat from there.
  2. Wall off the outside world with vine-covered trellises or thin, sculpted trees such as hornbeams.
  3. Use a fountain or firebowl to create a focal point—and offer distraction.
  4. Plant scented flowers or herbs such as lavender or thyme for added distraction.
  5. Keep furniture to a minimum—try a picnic benches, for example, instead of multiple chairs.

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Plant of the Week: Stipa ichru

Stipa ichru

I am a big fan of ornamental grasses. They are versatile and come in all sizes, colors and textures. Most ornamental grasses are hardy and can grow under tough conditions. You can also put them to many uses. They are good ground covers, they can fill empty landscape spaces, some of them make nice accent plants, and some can be mixed with other plants to add a unique texture and color. The ornamental grass featured today is Stipa ichur. See details here.

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How To: Get High Yield from Your Kitchen Garden

High Yield Vegetable Garden

If you grow your own vegetables, this is a must read. Stephanie Rose shares her secret of getting high yield from a small vegetable garden. See details here.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Gifts for Green Thumb Dads

Father's Day Gift Idea

It is time of the year. If your dad is into gardening, here is a nice selection of plants you can buy him on this Father’s Day.

Home & Garden Decor: How to Decorate Your Home with Container Gardens

Decorating with Container Garden

Another great article by Stephanie Rose on decorating your home with container garden. You will love these wonderful ideas.

Garden Visits: Highlights from Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Chelsea Flower Show 2016

One of my favorite garden shows. If you have not been there, here are highlights from this year’s show.

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