05 Dec

Winter Flowering Miniature Succulents: Cheiridopsis

Cheiridopsis is a genus of unusual succulent plants mostly from south-western Africa. Grown this sandy soil, these succulents are perfect choice for dish gardens, as small pot plants, miniature gardens, or rockeries for because of their low growing and clump forming habits.

Cheiridopsis, Succulent Flowering Plant

Cheiridopsis, Image by Manuel M. Ramos

Almost all species of Cheiridopsis grow in pairs of thick succulent leaves of olive or pale-green colors tinged with red and pink tips. Flowers usually appear from center of leaf-pair and resemble the flowers of daisy. Mature plants would form thick clumps and flower profusely in winter when Cheiridopsis would bloom and grow vigorously after a long dormant period in summer.

Cheiridopsis can be grown from seeds and planted in sandy soil to provide very well drained soil system. Provide these plants spots where they are protected from winter frost and direct sunlight of summer. Water barely enough to keep them alive in summer. Start moderate watering in winter.

Popular species include:

Cheiridopsis Herrei: Easy to grow, clump forming plants with small green leaves tipped with shades of pink or purple.

Cheiridopsis Serrulata: Grey-green succulent leaves with bright yellow flowers in spring and winter.

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